What to Expect


Volunteers will work in a variety of towns in the middle Moche Valley. MOCHE has a long-standing relationship with many of these communities and we have met with all of the community leaders, many business owners and local police, as we have been working in the area on archaeology and development projects for over 20 years. Most of these communities are small rural towns (between 40 and 200 households) located around 30 minutes form the city of Trujillo and in the foothills of the Andes. Trujillo is the third largest city in Peru, and it offers most of the comforts of home.  Volunteers and staff will stay in a very nice 3-story house that was constructed in the valley by a wealthy pharmacy owner from Trujillo.  We will also provide opportunities to go to the small fishing village of Huanchaco on the pacific coast about 15 min north of Trujillo. Huanchaco is a 40 min away from Ciudad de Dios and provides a wonderful weekend retreat with restaurants, surfing and entertainment.


Volunteers will sleep in shared rooms with shared bathroom facilities with running water, electricity and some hot water. The house is newly constructed and the facilities are some of the best in the area.  We have a Peruvian staff that cooks our meals, three times a day, six days a week. The meals will include: a light breakfast of bread, butter, jams, coffee and juice, a packed meal to take to the field and hot, home-cooked Peruvian dinners. We can accommodate vegetarians, given advanced notice, but we regret that we cannot accommodate a vegan diet. Meals are not covered on Sunday, as Sunday is a free day that volunteers can use to go in and see the city of Trujillo, take surfing lessons, relax on the beach in Huanchaco or play soccer.


The people of coastal Peru speak Spanish, and the Moche Valley is no exception. There is no language requirement for the program, as we have bilingual staff, however, if you would like to work to improve your Spanish skills we can arrange for tutoring at local business for a fee.

More Information: 

For more information about applications, our work in Peru or for any other concerns you may have please email our Volunteer Coordinator, Alicia Boswell.