Volunteers with Women's Co-op in Ciudad de Dios, North Coast of Peru

Women’s Co-op

As a way to learn more about the archeological site in Ciudad de Dios’s backyard, MOCHE Inc. began supporting economic development through embroidery trainings using traditional Moche iconography as the designs. From that simple idea grew a passion of embroidery and the iconographic images.

This year we will continue to work in the community of Ciudad de Dios with their newly formed MOCHE- Mujeres Organizadas Caminando Hacia la Esperanza women’s embroidery association. Since the group was just legally formalized and recognized as an artesian association, we aim to aid the women in increasing the variety and quality of products as well as developing further relationships with local vendors in Peru.

This will be the fourth year working with the women’s artesian group. Over the past few years we helped them build capacity by arranging meetings with the group leaders and store owners around the city of Trujillo and the in the tourist beach town of Huanchaco. Additionally, we helped them to fine-tune their craft, working with local experts to increase the quality of the products that they produce. We are proud that they have chosen to incorporate iconography and images from the prehistoric people and cultures that lived just meters away 1500 years ago.

For more information contact Alicia Boswell.