Las Cocas

In the middle Moche Valley, the governing council of the Las Cocas community is the Las Cocas water committee. It governs over five neighborhoods: Las Cocas, Quirihuac 1, Quirihuac 2, La Carbonera, and El Castillo, which are dispersed in an agricultural zone on the south side of the Moche Valley. Previously MOCHE, Inc has worked on water projects for the neighborhood of Las Cocas. After doing a 132 house census in the communities during July 2016 it became obvious that having a jardín, pre-kindergarten, is a priority for the communities because the children ages 3-6 are too young to walk to alone long distances to school. Additionally, when a jardín is not easily accessible it is more likely that children do not attend crucially important early education. In the community census, 17 out of 127, or 13 percent, of those who answered the question, “What is the greatest need of the community?” responded by directly saying a jardín or more generally referring to education. In the five neighborhoods under the governing council of Las Cocas, 51 out of the 550 residents, or about 11 percent, are children between 0-5 years old which are the ages of children eligible to attend jardín currently and during the two coming years.