Huaraz highland Lake, Peru

Tourism in Peru

There are many SPECTACULAR options for tourism all around Peru.

Lima – Lima is a large port city of over 10 million and has wonderful seaside activities, museums, shopping and recently world-famous culinary establishments.

South Coast – This area is famous for being one of the driest deserts in the world.  Additionally amazing sites such as the Nazca Lines and the seaside biological reserve of Paracas are within easy bus rides.  Cities like Pisco, Nazca and Arequipa (the second largest city in Peru) dominate tourism.

North Coast – This is where we are based.  The city of Trujillo is the oldest Spanish city in Peru and has a wonderful old town.  Huanchaco, one of Peru’s most popular beach and surf towns is just 30 north of the city.  Additionally, all of our programs take tours at Chan Chan (a UNESCO world heritage site) and Huaca de la Luna and Huaca del Sol, both capital cities of prehistoric civilizations.

Southern Highlands – This area includes the city of Cuzco and all the magnificent surrounding archaeological sites.  Many people are in such a rush to visit Machu Picchu that they bypass the treasures of the city Cuzco, but we promise that Cuzco is worth the time.

Central and Northern Highlands – This area proudly boasts cities like Cajamarca (famous for the site of the abduction of Atahualpa, the Inca Emperor by the Spanish conquistador, Fransisco Pizzaro) and Huaraz (world famous for hiking, skiing, rock climbing and general outdoor activities – see picture at top of page)

Amazon – Though it is difficult to access most of the Amazon basin, some people do take the flight or boat ride (no roads) to the the Amazonian city of Iquitos where they can get first-hand experience in the world’s largest jungle.  Another option is to access the Manu Reserve which is actually directly on the other side of the Andes mountains from Cuzco, and most tour groups take 3-7 day trips out of Cuzco.