Southern Coast of Peru at Paracas

To and From

Getting to an from Peru is not difficult.  Lima, the capital has an international airport that has flights connecting through most major South American cities as well as Miami, Atlanta, LA, New York and a number of other US cities.

Once in Lima, travel to the north coast can be accomplished in one of two major ways: plane or bus.  The same airport in Lima has multiple daily flights between Trujillo and Lima.  However, given that arrival times of international flights are often later in the evening, lodging may be required near the airport or in Lima between flights.  The airport in Trujillo is half way between Trujillo and Huanchaco and is a  small airport with easy access to certified taxis.  For those taking the bus, all bus stations are in downtown Lima.  A taxi can take you from the airport to the bus station of your choice and there are frequent departures (during the day and over night) to Trujillo.  The bus ride is around 9 hours.

Before you depart the US, be sure you have sent us your itinerary so that we can pick you up at the airport or bus station in Trujillo.  We always pick up our volunteers and students at the airport or bust station, but in the case of emergency, one can find a certified taxi and ask them to go to the Bracamonte Hotel in Huanchaco (the owners know MOCHE and have a long relationship with Professor Billman).

Many of our volunteers travel on their own before or after their program.  If you need any assistance in planing your trip please feel free to contact us.  We can refer you to a Peruvian tour operator, Alejandro Camino, who has worked with us for years, is bilingual and would be happy to assist in your tickets, hotels and planning.  Lima is a wonderful city with many museums and entertainment options and has recently become world-known for its culinary delights.  However, keep in mind that both Lima and Trujillo are large cities and proper traveler precautions and attention should be used to avoid pick-pockets.