Water and Sanitation

This initiative grew out of our first major project in Peru.  The partner community of Ciudad de Dios wanted a water system that would capture potable water from an underground spring up valley.  We worked with Engineers without Borders, Duke Engage, the town of Ciudad and many volunteers to implement a 3km long piped water system.

To follow that up we started a VIP latrine project that aimed to protect the sources of fresh water and improve overall sanitation and health in the community.  After a pilot program, we got to work and now most willing members of the community have the option for a private and dignified necessity.

Both of these programs grew and today we have surveyed the water and sanitation systems of many of our partner communities, assisted in construction of or improvement on 3 different water systems and we are always working with new and old partners to address the problems of water and sanitation in the middle Moche valley.