Community Clinic in Bello Horizonte


Over the years many of our partner communities have inquired about health-related programs.  This is because in the middle valley there is just one small health clinic (a Posta de Salud) in the town of Menocucho.  This clinic does provide some basic health services but it is only open sporadically and it can be difficult to access care. If the local people cannot access care from this clinic they must take public transportation into Laredo or Trujillo.


Regional Health Clinic Construction

The health clinic has recently completed its first phase of construction.  It is located on a plot of land donated by the large town of Bello Horizonte in the center of the middle Moche Valley.  The clinic has been approved by the district government and the design and structure has been approved by the Ministry of Health.  The next step is to parle this recognition into staffing by the national Ministry of Health.  As part of the medical training system in Peru, all physicians must do a few rotations in underserved areas such as the middle valley.  We are working to get this new clinic staffed.

Currently the clinic consists of two consult rooms, a triage room and a bank of bathrooms.  Once we can get this staffed and operational, we will work with Bello Horizonte, the district of Laredo and the Ministry of Health to implement phase 2 and 3 of construction.  These phases will add an additional consult room, a dental office, a pharmacy, additional bathrooms, a waiting area and storage facilities

Annual Health Fairs

As a way to assist in providing some level of care immediately, we have organized a number of health fairs each year for the past 5 years.  To run these fairs, we recruit volunteer Peruvian healthcare providers from Trujillo and Laredo and usher them to the middle valley where they run day-long clinics, available to all local people at no cost.  We typically have an internal medicine physician, obstetrician, mental health and social welfare counselors, hygiene professionals, a nurse, a pharmacist and a fantastic dental crew run by a professor at the University of Trujillo.  Our volunteers assist in the design and implementation of the the fair and they run educational booths that are specific to important local topics and distribute free give-aways such as tooth brushes, antibacterial hand soap, fliers and information brochures.