We are proud to announce our new education initiative.  We have always worked with local schools and schoolchildren as a way to foster intercultural relations but we are now expanding this effort.  We have identified a number of pattern schools in the middle valley that we have partnered with to conduct cultural heritage education classes.  Peru does not have an official heritage curriculum and many of the people who live in these areas have not had much exposure to the cultures that dominated the landscape before the Spanish arrived.  We are working within the settings these partner schools to implement a short, multi-day heritage education curriculum.  The curriculum has been pilot tested and consist of an introduction to the prehistory, iconography and mythology of the Moche and pre-Moche civilizations.

Additionally, we are happy to announce a possible growing partnership with education department at Wagner College.  They are interested in working with underserved and special needs children who have not accessed appropriate services in the middle valley.