Caballitos, Huanchaco, North Coast of Peru

On the Project

MOCHE Staff 

MOCHE, Inc. only hires highly qualified staff to run our programs. Our field school is operated by bilingual graduate students from around the US and Peru. Crew chiefs are all currently graduate students in archaeology and the field school is co-directed by Dr. Brian Billman of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Dr. Gabriel Prieto Universidad Nacional de Trujillo. Combined Drs. Billman and Prieto have over 50 years of experience working in Peru. Dr. Prieto who grew up in Huanchaco received his PhD from Yale University.

Most staff members have spent years working in Peruvian archaeology and many have spent many summers working on the MOCHE-UNC field school. For more information please email  Brian Billman or Gabriel Prieto.


The field school is based in Huanchaco, a pleasant fishing village and beach resort just a few kilometers outside of Trujillo, the third largest city in Peru.  The field site is located in Huanchaco.


Archaeology Internship Program