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Application Information and Costs


For-credit students should fill out the application online at UNC Study Abroad and submit the required forms below.

Non-credit students should fill out the application available (MOCHE Field School Application) and email the completed file with the required forms below to Dr. Brian Billman and Dr. Gabriel Prieto.  Additionally, please submit the $50 application fee (details below).  Applications are not complete until all items have been received.

We have rolling admissions and will accept applications until slots are filled for both credit and non-credit programs.

Additionally, if you have experience with previous field schools and you are interested in a more advanced program, please visit our Rapid Response Intern page for more details about our intern program.

Required Forms

All students should fill out the  release form and our emergency medical history form and submit them to Dr. Brian Billman and copy Dr. Gabriel Prieto when submitting the application.  


The non-credit Field School fee for 2015 is $3,800.  The 2017 fee will be determined by December 5, 2017. Please visit the UNC study abroad website for more details for pricing for the for-credit option UNC Study Abroad

Payment of deposit and fees

A $50 application fee is due at time time of application. All for-credit students will pay through the UNC Study abroad office.  There is a $500 deposit required for non-credit students.  This deposit is due within 30 days of acceptance and will only be fully refunded if the program is cancelled.  The deposit will be put toward the cost of the program and is not an additional fee.

Checks can be mailed to:

P.O. Box 1032
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Or submit payment online using the link below.  If using the Paypal link below, please be sure to indicate who the payment is coming from and for what purpose.


* The quoted cost is based on prices and exchange rates as of November, 2014. The costs and details of the program itinerary are subject to change.

Archaeology Internship Program