MOCHE is proud to be able to offer projects that improve the health and wellbeing of the residents of the Moche Valley. However, these projects run on more than just good will– they require a commitment of labor as well as an initial financial investment in order to break ground. Our projects for 2010 and beyond will require more funds and support than ever before. If you or your company are interested in becoming a sustaining sponsor, we would love to welcome you into our family.


We continue to work to meet our goal of protecting the 10 most endangered archaeological sites in the middle valley.  We utilize mapping techniques to present the reserve to the Ministry of Culture for official recognition, and legal protection.  However the government is unable to provide the daily preservation for all sites in Peru.  Hence: the MOCHE model.  We are not only pursuing legal routes but we involve the communities as well in the construction of  community heritage preserves.  We aim to develop these reserves as  tourist attractions while providing the local communities with economic opportunities.

Water and Sanitation

We have overseen successful implementation of a variety of  VIP Latrine Programs and water system improvements in the middle valley over the past few years.  MOCHE will be continuing to work with partner organizations and communities to continue this trend as we aim to ensure appropriate quantities of safe drinking water and proper disposal of human waste to everyone in the valley.  

Health Clinic

Based on the analysis of data collected during the 2009 Public Health Survey, it is our intention to construct and implement a basic health clinic which is both tailored to the needs of the local population and accessible to as many residents as possible. We are currently in negotiation with the town of Bello Horizonte to establish the location and terms. In addition, the architectural firmHonles and Zepeda has donated their services and begun plans for the facility. Naming rights for the clinic are currently available.


We at MOCHE are looking forward to offering a sponsorship program for children in the valley to attend school. While public education is free in Peru, each students’ family must pay for all books, supplies and uniforms. For families who are struggling to put food on the table, this system puts a staggering number of children outside of the reality of education. Please check back for more information on this program.

If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities or have any questions, please contact our executive director:

Brian Billman