Conservation Field School

MOCHE Conservation Crew (CC) – Internship Program
-Not Offered 2018-


This program is designed for individuals who are interested in heritage preservation and conservation, archaeological finds analysis, and collections management. Program participants will learn about the practices of archaeological excavation and finds processing, like field school students, but this program includes a special focus on conservation and collections management. Students will spend the program learning about basic conservation and collections management principles and work hands-on with the excavated finds from current and previous field seasons. They also will participate in archaeological excavations learning archaeological excavation and recording methods. This unique program provides the opportunity for students to gain an encompassing perspective of the life-history of material culture from the field, processing and analysis, to storage. Previous experience in archaeological fieldwork or working with museum collections or archives is helpful, but not required.

Part of the program students will participate in analysis of materials using close observation of the project collections to understand how the objects were made, used, and what changes have occurred during its use-life and after excavation. This work will complement the field school’s instruction in the materials that make up the archaeological record and the history of northern coastal Peru. Students will help survey the archaeological project’s storage facilities and learn principles of safe storage and packing for archaeological finds. We will implement some of the proposed improvements for safe objects packing using appropriate materials and methods. The second part of the program will be spent in the field carrying out excavations at the site of Cerro La Virgen, a Chimu (AD 900-1470) community in the Moche Valley.

Readings, lectures, and discussions with the supervising conservator and archaeological field school supervisors will help students understand the principles and practices of collections processing, recording, and storage.

Program Goals for 2017

1. Completion of mapping of Community Reserves: Survey and site mapping in the Ciudad de Dios and Jesus Maria/Menocucho reserves will be finished this summer along with possible hiking trail mapping and/or construction.

2. Mapping of Endangered Sites: Archaeological sites in the Moche Valley are constantly under threat of destruction from modern settlement and/or cultivation. Upon arrival, MOCHE Inc. staff members will assess the status of a number of sites in the valley to determine whether or not emergency investigations need to be conducted.