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The Moche Valley is located on the north coast of Peru in the province of La Libertad. Trujillo, the third largest city in Peru, is the economic capital of the province and is located at the delta of the Moche River. The Middle Moche Valley is situated in the District (County) of Laredo.

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Though the north coast is a desert, the Moche River Valley is a very fertile and productive region. The farmers utilize ditch and canal irrigation, diverting water from the river into their farms to grow crops like sugar cane, artichokes, cabbage, peppers, coca, cotton and many other fruits and vegetables. The ocean, too, is very productive yielding dozens of types of cold-water fish. Though the climate of northern Peru is very mild, with temperatures rarely dropping below 60 and highs in the mid 70s, even in the winter, the ocean is spectacularly cold thanks to the Humboldt current that brings cold, nutrient-rich water up from Antarctica. The archaeology is also fantastic in this region, as the Moche valley is home to Huaca de la Luna and Huaca del Sol (the capital city of the Moche empire) and Chan Chan (the capital city of the Chimu empire). The Moche state was formed in this valley around 200-400 CE and later the Chimu dominate the region, only to be displaced by the Inca. All in all, the Moche Valley offers great views, a wonderful climate and tasty, fresh food, including the local delicacy of ceviche (raw fish marinated in lime juice).

Middle Valley Communities

Ciudad de Dios  est pop. 400
Bello Horizonte  est. pop. 2,750 
Santa Rosa  est. pop. 200 
Santa Rosa Alta  est. pop. 70 
Quirihuac, Quirihuac Viejo
est. pop. 650 
Las Cocas, Carbonara, El Castillo  est. pop. 350 


Cerro Blanco and
Puente Fierro 
est. pop. 1,000 
San Borja  est. pop. 45 
Menocucho  est. pop. 1,200